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Good morning all my lovely followers. As promised my video showing you how to tie a double headscarf. The single headscarf video was back about a week ago so go to that to refresh your memory if in doubt. Remember to tuck your hair behind your ears and if it's long, put it up in a high ponytail first. My headscarfs are all of non slip material and you'll find it difficult to do if you try with silk scarfs. I will have more scarfs after my Bali trip as I will be having more made over there. Have fun with them and keep practicing in front of a mirror!!! It's easy and remember , not tight, just firm. They will slip off if there're too tight. Good luck Sharryn . #headscarftying  #twoontogether  #fashionheadscarfs  #funlooks  #findyourstyle  #headscarfstyle  #tutorialonheadscarfs  #benoticed  #funfashion  #agelesslooks  #agelessstyle  #badhairdays  #mystyle  #headscarf  #holidayhair  #videoontyingheadscarfs 


  1. anniefashionsprite

    Ooh. Love seeing this. Hearing your voice. The two scarves look fetching!

  2. tania.sarichnyoliverio

    Love the colors you've chosen! Thanks for the demo

  3. penny.47

    Thank you for the great demo. Just one question - is your scarf long or square?

  4. ellaineangus

    Thanks so much and it was lovely hearing your voice Sharryn.👍

  5. gamkau

    Love the demo and you are so very charming!! Will attempt this today! 🌷🐢🐦

  6. lubestilo

    So beautiful! ❤️

  7. angels_city_50

    Pero esos turbantes son ridículos para una persona con ese pelo tan agraciado.

  8. cynhext

    Love these videos! Love hearing your voice!!😘

  9. t2sone

    Thank you so beautiful 😍 love ❤️ this look 👀 you always look so stunning I too am getting braver now n wearing 2 n getting comments from many women 🤗♥️💋👌thank you always wish I had some of your tunics I'll have to make them myself I think I can't find them here In Hawaii n they would be so perfect

  10. alternativeageing

    Oh wow💕love the videos 💕I'm only doing mine on You Tube, what a good idea to do them here. You look wonderful Sharryn❤️

  11. thek8ster

    Looks fab

  12. sylvester620

    Great colours Sharryn!😍

  13. antiquegoddess

    Tell me what you would call this size scarf!!!Or do you cut fabric to make them?

  14. marmarkhanomjoon

    I am interesting for your collection, please send me your contact e -mail . Thanks for your kind


    Thank you, it would have taken me a lifetime to get this right 💐

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