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Yesterday I shot film for the first time on a Leica M4-p (rangefinder)! Kudos to @foreveryungi to helping me out (his Canon AE-1 not pictured) and thanks to @mu_ramen for the amazing Tonkotsu and Signature bowls like always!
For my first pictures, you will have to wait at least a week - sorry there isn't wifi or an SD card slot in this one :(
#filmproblems #leica #ramenloversbelike #muramen #rangefinder #fuji #canon #M4p #datbroththo #ramenlovers


  1. ramarich

    How bout that Fuji tho? That's what I rock.

  2. _l0vemaggie

    Because no one processes film locally anymore 😔. Get into Lomography!

  3. chefjoshr

    @_l0vemaggie I know. Very sad!

  4. jaxon_is_life_jacob_is_poop

    Nice picture Josh.

  5. _kungka

    What is the white thing in middle called?

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