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CBRE team member Betty Simpson picking up her @trekbikes Silque SLR Project One with @sramroad Etap WiFli for those steep hills and @ridebontrager Aeolus 3 TLR D3 wheels to keep it light and aero. #newbikeday #trekbikes #srametap #bontrager #livermorecyclery #cbreracing #neonisthenewblack


  1. dean6500

    Mint 🍃🚴🚴🍃

  2. big_chiefpeterson

    Random question, do you guys carry cycling caps?

  3. livermorecyclery

    @big_chiefpeterson we only have a couple at the moment. Are you after anything in particular? A color or a pattern perhaps?

  4. big_chiefpeterson

    Well I ride a specialized allez so I like the red and black scheme or like a grey. I just started working in Livermore and haven't been able to make it by your shop yet.

  5. livermorecyclery

    @big_chiefpeterson we don't have anything with that color combination in stock, but Specialized makes a few that fit the description that are available and start around $25 with UV protection and wicking material for summer wear

  6. livermorecyclery

    @big_chiefpeterson we are always happy to order something for you. We place orders regularly and most ship in a couple days

  7. big_chiefpeterson

    Awesome! Should I just take a look at their website or come stop in? (Sorry for this through a general post)

  8. livermorecyclery

    @big_chiefpeterson if you want to check them out in advance, look here...

  9. livermorecyclery


  10. livermorecyclery

    @big_chiefpeterson otherwise, come into any of our stores and we can help you find something