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Painted two at once to see how it would go doing multiple. Manuel and Miguel, brothers from the same mother are frothing at the mouth to smash some imperial skulls. Miguel even has one hanging from his axe as a keep sake. I think I will add some #bloodforthebloodgod  to Manuel's chain sword as he seems to be admiring it. I also painted the gold differently using a flesh wash and a less bright highlight but still using the silver for the extreme highlight. I also added some orange to the red highlights. #warhammer  #warhammer40k  #khorneberserker  #khorne 


  1. chelle_oshauny

    How long does it take to complete one? @jumpjumpdie very good btw 👏🏻

  2. jumpjumpdie

    @chelle_oshauny thank you deary. It takes like 8 hours or so I think for each. But I am not sure. Each one is different and I put different amounts of effort into different parts if that makes sense.

  3. chelle_oshauny

    Wow!!! So intricate, my patience wouldn't be able to handle this. Go you @jumpjumpdie now I understand what the paints were for 👍

  4. jumpjumpdie

    @chelle_oshauny 😋☺☺ thanks again