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The only visible bit of the two-story #ludlowhut that I split boarded to over the weekend. It was my first overnight #backcountry #snow trip and it was snowing balls the whole time. Thank God for #gps and #headlamps #sierraclub


  1. agjelks

    Wow! So much snow!!!

  2. kseeshhh

    Better than a Bob Ross painting. Almost.

  3. onegearpony

    This is so rad bruh. Sorry, just a little jealous! What an experience!

  4. chushiki

    Were there many people at the cabin? We are planning to go this weekend, just checking how the trail conditions are and if it is gonna be busy or not at the hut

  5. nectardirector

    @chushiki it will be completely different now, maybe more snow, hard to find the trail! u have to make reservations for the cabin and...Bring GPS!

  6. chushiki

    Thanks! We do have reservations, just wanted to check the conditions