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I guess I polish too strong. 😂 love @riedelusa. Sometimes too much. 😬 #riedel #riedelwineglasses #wine#glass#wineglass#strongman#polish#good#luck#2017#riedelusa


  1. vault29wine

    Cheers! 🍷

  2. rie4283

    ❤️thank you☺️

  3. pancakeoficinasinfantis


  4. remithechef

    Impressive content!

  5. simplythedan

    I see potential in your page 💯 check out my memes and videos for a laugh! Hit the follow button 😀🙏🏾

  6. redalf

    Really nice!

  7. marlene_chiasson

    It makes for a great pic.

  8. theonlyslp

    Tragedy!! 😩

  9. urlittle1

    Yup thats what all my riedel glasses ended up like 😔

  10. kellylynnssweets

    Hahaha I've done the same thing to too many of my Riedel glasses 🤣🤣

  11. marvolas74

    Done that before

  12. artfulleslie

    Have some Riedel glasses so I’ll b very careful with them!

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