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  1. pistolpetestar

    Can you flame treat colors?

  2. zacharnish


  3. jellybeno

    @beaverbatco I wanna buy one of these! Probably 2!

  4. beaverbatco

    @pistolpetestar Ash wood always pops the grain through. We offer to flame treat Bat and half bat usually handle a color or a stain. The gray wash, burgundy, walnut and black stain will show the grain through the color.

  5. jacob__phillips12

    @beaverbatco how much are the bats? Do you do ink dots? And what woods do you offer?

  6. world_features

    👌🏼 @samfordandsons

  7. beaverbatco

    @jacob__phillips12 the bats are 59. The MLB with ink dots are 69. We offer maple, ash and birch.

  8. beaverbatco

    @world_features thank you

  9. jacob__phillips12

    @beaverbatco sweet I'll try and order one in the future

  10. adriankang111

    Is the B7 model cupped?

  11. beaverbatco

    @jacob__phillips12 awesome sounds great.

  12. beaverbatco

    @adriankang111 you can opt to have either have it cupped or not cupped. Your choice. Just put in instructions.

  13. beaverbatco

    @adriankang111 new website will have option as yes or no for cupped for ease of ordering.

  14. beaverbatco

    @world_features thanks

  15. beaverbatco

    @kelzdidit thank you

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