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On our way to Ontario! #firstplaneride #babytour2016 #adateresalearn


  1. melissarossetto

    YEEEEEEEEEE I can't wait to see you guys and meet Ada!

  2. al_dante

    Where you headed first

  3. jdlearn44

    @al_dante London then Ada is now coming to the Prophets of Rage show, since you bailed, then the wedding.

  4. al_dante

    Daves an idiot... Never said I could go

  5. rdinney

    Eeeeee!! Can't wait to see you guys!! Xo

  6. aliciaespo

    Ekk!!!' Can't wait to see you guys

  7. shbeethelab

    Also want to see your butts !!!!!

  8. shbeethelab

    (From mom)

  9. k80l

    This makes me so excited! Hope she was a good baby like usual!

  10. franabella

    Soo cute! Can't wait to meet Ada and see you guys!!! Xo