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I havnt learned to love them yet.

I havnt learned to love them yet.


  1. redlotusjewellery

    They are as depressing outside as they are inside.

  2. andrewtakeslotsofphotos

    They're beginning to grow on me.

  3. tallstorey

    Been inside @redlotusjewellery? I've even in the low rise, plain rooms, no style, small windows. Temporary accommodation at best. Unless they can stuck balconies on, which is apparently not possible due to the construction technique.

  4. chrmchrm

    I like their styleless-ness. Reflecting a slice of social sphere

  5. tallstorey

    They certainly are pretty style-free @chrmchrm, except maybe for the beige and brown colourway being either traditional / low key, or presaging the earthy tones of the 70s.

  6. redlotusjewellery

    @tallstorey yes I have been in the Fitzroy high rise. Very dark and yes small windows and not nice.

  7. tallstorey

    What do you think @notreallyobsessive?

  8. notreallyobsessive

    @tallstorey It's very difficult to say, because it really depends on location and local circumstances. And photos can be deceptive, especially good ones - yours, for instance ๐Ÿ˜ƒ On the other hand, not all estates in the UK became sink ones, regardless of what the current government would want us to believe. Yes, that government...

  9. penelopemetcalf

    Fantastic picture

  10. tallstorey

    Thanks @notreallyobsessive a lucky shot ๐Ÿ˜€ what I meant to ask was aesthetically, is it similar to any in the UK, in arrangement, materials, style, colour? I guess the answer would be yes, but no exact matches. Pebbledash finish is more Scottish yes? (for you @believe_in_utopia), and these ones are elongated S shapes (half face one way, half the other), with access balcs (orig open, now glazed), and the floor latest stick out slightly. Partly on legs, mostly filled in now.

  11. notreallyobsessive

    @tallstorey Unfortunately pebbledash finish knows no borders or limits ๐Ÿ™ƒ And there are quite a few, mosly late 1960s and early 1970s high rise estates around England, similiar to the one in Melbourne, too: Ponders End and parts of Abbey Road Housing Co-operative in north London, some in Leicester, and most notably Somerstown towers in Portsmouth. Will check again and report back ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  12. tallstorey

    Somerstown the movie! @notreallyobsessive. Downloaded, not yet watched. Similar colours, guess that what colour river pebbles are. Ponders End is striking, love the serried arrangement, appears doomed to regeneration. Next question, and tell me off if I'm asking too many, do many 20 storey highrise have open access balconies? Seems unlikely in cold rainy England, though answering my own question, parkhill has and that's 10 storeys...

  13. notreallyobsessive

    @tallstorey Hahahaha, don't worry ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Whereas for balconies: sure, definitely, if you mean just balconies - Barbican towers and Balfron and Trellick towers, among others, all have open balconies (quite a few of the current crop of high rises also have them). The other question is open deck access to flats: I am not sure if there are any high rises with such access.



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