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Check out this best of noise cancelling headphones

Check out this best of noise cancelling headphones


  1. mdumabhena

    where do i get these

  2. amargosamountain

    @burnymdu just a heads up, this guy's review is worthless. He makes up lies just to make himself sound authoritative. Look at the part where he says these bluetooth headphones are better than all other wireless sets. Even if you believe he's tested EVERY SINGLE WIRELESS HEADPHONE, it's flat out stupid to say that bluetooth is even in the same league as other wireless technologies with many times h

  3. amargosamountain

    ..many times the bandwidth of bluetooth's relatively pitiful slow trickle. Wifi and other radio based technologies support full lossless transmission. Bluetooth itself compresses the music, even if it was already compressed, meaning its a bad copy of a bad copy. But this liar doesn't even know that