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"Common Core: A race to the finish, but you have to stop every 50 feet to measure progress, and everyone has to run the same pace." #differentlearners #differentlearningstyles #IEP #student #success #adhd #autism #learningdisabilities #autismwarrior #warriormom #allaboutthekids #school


  1. insidemcsworld28

    Hey have u ever heard of a residential place for girls denying treatment based on reading skills or iq???? bc I wanted to go to this place for ill just say it an ed/self harm problems n they told me if I Didn't pass the Reading comprehension or iq testing I couldn't I had to go in my city (las vegas) to a tutoring place n get it but they know I have adhd n other stuff so of course my results were low like bad so now im waiting for there answer which I think is decline treatment find another place to go bcuz I did super bad on the testing n im way below grade like no where close

  2. insidemcsworld28

    They said there goin by the testing but I feel like im smarter then like my scores I no there bad but I just couldn't get the test n stuff