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Some kids just won't learn... #N64 is an adult toy now
#AdultToys #SharingIsCaring #GoToTimeOut #Nintendo #VideoGames


  1. nin10doguy1up

    What a great dad 😂

  2. kelleybrosparty

    @nintendoguy1up the dad should go to time out

  3. nin10doguy1up

    @kelleybrosparty He's just protecting her because he knows she's not ready to handle the awesomeness 😎

  4. mr_retro_games_uk

    Her fragile mind could not possibly fathom the intensity of the feels. Good job dad :)

  5. kelleybrosparty

    @nintendoguy1up @mr_retro_games_uk I think the dad just doesn't want his stuff messed with haha... See video posted 2 days ago for reference

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